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 Lamenya tak update blog ni... Mood nak menulis or menaip tu tak ada la pula sejak mengandung ni... 
Tapi mood untuk tengok cerita korea ada pula.... ;) 

Hari tu, Lin pergi Klinik Kesihatan Puchong wat checkup... dengan harapan doctor or nurse akan scan perut saya... Tapi tak ada pun... tak apa la... as long nurse cakap dia ok... cuma kena jaga2, takut bleeding... sebabnye kandungan tak kuat... ni ikut kes mama la ni... ;) 

Now, little love da pun 9 week... alhamdulillah.... ;) 
Mse 9 week, apa da jadi ye... Lin ada copy article ni... jom bace... 

During the 9th week of pregnancy, the hands, feet, arms and legs grow rapidly. Your baby now has his fingers divided and his feet grow in some length. The upper lip is now prominent and his ears are well concentrated by this time. The growth of the head is quite fast as compared to other organs of the body. By now, his head size is half of his whole body. With this rapid growth, you baby will become double in size.

agaknya, betul kot portition bby cmni... ;)

Movement in 9th Week Pregnancy
The movement of your baby at this stage becomes more distinct as he will move his different organs which help him grow quickly. For instance, he will start kicking his feet, moving his arms and spine as well. You may not be able to observe these movements at this stage of pregnancy. The movement of the baby shows that he is healthy. You can have an ultrasound scan that will help you wonder how quickly your baby is making movements without even making you realize.

with love ♥ 
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