As salam...

Sekian lama menyepi.
Alhamdulillah bersiaran semula...

Baru la boleh gelak sikit.
Da keluar hospital pun.
Harris masih demam.
Mungkin lin nak bawa Harris berubat cara alternatif pula.
What say you mommies... ???

Sorry yek, tak sempat nak BW.
Banyak sangat da tertinggal story mory uols.
Nanti free2 lin terjah ye.
Sekarang ni tengah kejar tender tuk bulan December...
FB pun bukak segan2 je.

Lin nak share kat mommies luar sana yang ada anak kecik sebaya harris dan hafidh.

Bermula dari demam, batuk, muntah, selsema dan dada berombak masa bernafas. 
Mommies, take note!

Sumber  >>link<< 

Bronchial Pneumonia also known as bronchopneumonia is an infection of the bronchial tubes of the lungs. The lungs are infected by many different germs and become inflamed it is the most common form of pneumonia in infants because their immune systems are weak and still developing. Infections mainly occur in autumn and winter. Pneumonia affects approximately 4 million people each year and is the cause of more than 60,000 deaths each year. Bronchial pneumonia is one of the leading causes of infant death, so it is important to treat it promptly.
If you notice your child has had these symptoms but is not getting any better even after a few days of rest, fluids and fever medicine, consult a doctor.
A bad cough
Rapid breathing
Pains in the chest
Bronchial pneumonia affects infants more than adults because their respiratory immune system is still immature. The main cause of bronchopneumonia is a bacterium known as the pneumococcus. Other bacteria responsible for the illness are staphylococcus aureus and mycoplasma pneumoniae. Viruses such as the influenza virus or adenovirus may also cause it. Occasionally, the infection occurs secondary to a cold or illnesses such as the measles. There are different types of Pneumonia, bacterial and viral. Bacterial Pneumonia develops when bacteria that normally live harmlessly in the throat enter the lungs causing infection. This can happen particularly when your immune system is lower than normal.
Bacterial infections can be treated with antibiotics, but viral infections cannot be. Your child will need plenty of rest, fluids and possibly oxygen through a facemask to help him breathe more easily. Make sure your child gets plenty of rest, fluids and is warm enough but his room is also well ventilated. If he is old enough a pillow propped up behind him might help breathing a little easier.
Try to keep your child’s vaccinations up to date as this helps to stop many of the illnesses that can lead to Pneumonia, for instance measles.
Pneumococcal pneumonia immunisation is given at the first and third jabs of the triple course at 2 and 4 months old with a booster with mmr at 13 mths old.

Seriusly semua ni memang ada kat Harris. 
Syntom pun sama.
So, kalau2 si kecil kita ada syntom camni, amik tindakan cepat ye.
Nampak tak serius. Tapi boleh meragut nyawa.

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  1. Cian harris..naseb bek dpt detect awal..lin,harris amek vaksin x?

  2. tq lin sharing...lin harris dah jab pneumococcal ke...lin cuba kaedah lain pulak..mungkin homeopathi ke...tak salah cuba

  3. serius jugak ye...kena ambik perhatian lebih nie..